At By Design, our mission is to provide fashion-forward, quality products at an excellent pricepoint to US and International customers. The Company fully appreciates with pride the innovative spirit and creativity of our human resources. We embrace the diversity of our workforce and strive to work within an ethically moral and socially conscious environment.

Company Profile

In business for almost 20 years, the By Design Group of Companies continues to be a leading global importer, marketer, designer, merchandiser, and wholesaler of an extensive and diversified portfolio of women’s apparel and jeanswear. The Company has a reputation for excellent customer service and for offering quality brands and value. Our products are marketed and distributed to a wide range of department, specialty, discount department and mass merchandise stores throughout the United States and Canada.

2010 was a banner year for the Company as it expanded its portfolio into the exciting high-end jeanswear market by acquiring the premium denim label, David Kahn, and by successfully launching a unique and more moderately-priced brand, Rivet & Blues. Both labels are carried at Nordstrom and selective boutiques across the United States and in Canada and Europe.

Through innovative technologies, we are in the process of developing an e-commerce site to enable us to market our brands competitively throughout the World Wide Web. We are extremely excited about our current portfolio of both existing & new brand labels and businesses. We are constantly seeking opportunities for continuous growth and expansion, smartly re-strategizing to protect and develop our core existing & new brands/ businesses, and proactively adapting to ever-changing business environments and fashion trends.

Business Segments & Brands

The Company designs and markets its major brands and lines in four major business segments: Missy, Juniors, Tweens, and Jeanswear.
Junior brands include: Love By Design and So It Is.
Jeanswear brands include: David Kahn and Rivet & Blues.
Missy brands include: By Design, Carolyn Taylor, Debbie Morgan, Madison Lilly, and Miss Guided.
Tweens brands include: Love & Dreams and Love By Design Tweens.